Orwell Corner operates a working farm over the spring to fall season. We farm with the methods of the 1895 Island farmer.

Our farm residents include in most seasons:

3 Stand and breed Canadian draft horses

1 Holstein Ox

1 Highland Cow

1 Highland Calf

Suffolk Sheep




We strive to farm with heritage breeds.

Orwell Corner operates a large vegetable garden along with cereal crops. All worked with our draft horses and no pesticides.

Farming was less a vocation and more the way of life in 1895 on the Island. Farms were small with an average 100 acres, with farmers keeping a variety of animals–horses, sheep, milk cows, goats, chickens and pigs–and growing diverse crops. Potatoes and oats were produced as cash crops and shipped from Brush Wharf in Orwell Cove. A fledgling dairy industry  had emerged on the Island in the 1880’s and Orwell farmers sent their milk to the cheese factory that opened in Orwell Cove in 1894. In the Carriage house you will and horse-drawn vehicles including buggies, sleighs and hearses, and as in the other barns, examples of early farm machinery.

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