Experience Victorian Orwell Corner

The following is a list of experiences that will be offered at Orwell Corner Historic Village beginning in the 2020 season.  We have designed seasonal experiences that will be offered exclusively in the spring when we have young animals at the site and in the fall when the crops are ready for harvest.  The remainder of the experiences will be offered from May 1 to November 1.  All experiences are designed to be three hours and include a meal but there is flexibility should guests require shorter or longer visits.  The price for each experience is 39.00 plus tax and experiences should be booked in advance by phone at (902)651-8515 or by emailing orwellcorner@gov.pe.ca


New Life on the Farm (May – June)














Visitors will be introduced to mixed farming as it was in the late 1800s.  In Victorian times on PEI farmers did not specialize in a single cash crop but rather raised diverse animals and grew diverse crops to meet their daily needs.  Sheep were raised for wool, fowl for eggs and meat.  Goats and cattle were raised for meat and dairy.  Visitors will get an opportunity to have an up close experience with the village’s new spring arrivals including goats, lambs, chickens, turkeys, pigs and cattle.  New life means new engagements on the farm.  The new additions to the site require special care.  Goats need to be milked and lambs need to be bottle fed and visitors can now be a part of it!  Visitors will also have the opportunity to harvest strawberries and create their own strawberry shortcake deserts to accompany their meal



Farm, Forge, Fiddle













Begin the experience by working with the farmer to harness up the draft horses and get a driving lesson.  Then visit the blacksmith shop to get step by step instructions on how to forge your own keepsake of the day.  Once done there, visit the hall and take part in a traditional Scottish house party with our site fiddler.  After spinning your partner around the floor, enjoy a traditional meal prepared by Orwell’s cook!


Bread and Butter

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience from start to finish, the process of making Scottish sourdough bread and the butter to put on it!  The experience begins with a visit to the field to harvest some grain with a scythe and bring a bushel back to the barn yard.  Once there, they will go through the process of grinding the grain into flour, the main ingredient in the bread.  From there, the visitors will begin collecting the ingredients to make the butter by milking the goat at the milking station. Once ingredients are collected, they will be taught the art of creating Scottish sourdough in the kitchen of the community hall.  Once the bread is cooking in the oven, visitors will use a small, table top churn to make cream into butter.  Once the bread and butter are both finished, visitors get to eat bread that they created themselves, coated with delicious, hand-made butter!


Mi’kmaq Song and Dance










Speak with our Mi’kmaq interpreter and learn about indigenous culture and language and how the people interacted with European settlers in late Victorian PEI.  Learn the words and meaning behind traditional songs and experience a variety of Mi’kmaq dances.  Finish off the experience by collecting and preparing ingredients to make Luskini’kin, a traditional bannock that is cooked over an open fire.


Hey Fiddle Fiddle











Be immersed in Celtic song and dance with local musicians Ward MacDonald and Hailee LeFort.  Learn about the living tradition of Scottish and Irish performance on the Island and try your hand at the fiddle, learn a Gaelic song and learn a few traditional steps as you take part in Scottish dance.  The experience will wrap up with a homemade meal that you can enjoy while listening to a few tunes by the musicians!


Victorian Harvest Feast (Sept – Nov)















Visitors will take part in the harvest and preparation of vegetables that were used in the making of a traditional Irish boiled dinner.  Using traditional methods with horse drawn machinery, guests will visit the fields and harvest potatoes, parsnips, turnip, carrots and cabbage and then prepare them for cooking.  The dish can be prepared vegetarian or there is pork option as well.  While the boiled dinner cooks, guests will grind flour in a small hand-mill which will then be used to bake traditional bannock to go with the meal!