Farm, Forge, Fiddle

 Begin the experience by working with the farmer to harness up the draft horses and get a driving lesson.  Hitch the team to the carriage and take them for a ride around the village.  Then visit the blacksmith shop to get step by step instructions on how to forge your own keepsake of the day.  Once done there, visit the hall and take part in a traditional Scottish house party with our site fiddler.  After spinning your partner around the floor, enjoy a traditional meal prepared by Orwell’s cook!

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Bread and Butter

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience from start to finish, the process of making Scottish sourdough bread and the butter to put on it!  The experience begins with a visit to the field to harvest some grain with a scythe and bring a bushel back to the barn yard.  Once there, they will go through the process of grinding the grain into flour, the main ingredient in the bread.  From there, the visitors will begin collecting the ingredients to make the butter by milking the goat at the milking station. Once ingredients are collected, they will be taught the art of creating Scottish sourdough in the kitchen of the community hall.  Once the bread is cooking in the oven, visitors will use a small, table top churn to make cream into butter.  Once the bread and butter are both finished, visitors get to eat bread that they created themselves, coated with delicious, hand-made butter!

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Tree to Trinket

Visitors have the opportunity to create their own, personalized keepsake in this experience.  Working directly with our farmer, the group will head to the woods to take down a tree the old fashioned way and drag it back to the village with Tartan, our 12 year old Canadian draft horse.  Once back at the woodworking shop, the group will use a two person buck saw to slice rounds off of the log.  The slices will then be branded with Orwell’s logo using our branding iron in the forge.  Once branded, they can choose to leave the piece round or cut out the pattern of the logo on our foot powered treadle saw.  Experience is accompanied by a traditional meal, served in the community hall!

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